Sunday worship 31 October

Our Precious and Precarious World

The service is led by Rev Dr Rosie Magee with Jane Brown and young people from the congregation.  You can download an order of service at the link below.

👉Order of Service 31 October 2021


Musician: Alasdair Grant
Reader: Helen Hammond
Technical team: Alison Bruce, Philippa Burgess, Amy Marcham, Susan McLarty, Mary Margaret Scott

Images: Title image by Oscar Marcham.
Additional images in the service taken from the Together Trust/eco-congregations exhibition, ‘Our precious and precarious world.’
Images used:
Hymn 181
1 Zoe McNair, Firrhill High School
2 Diana Thurston Smith, STAGW
3 Deborah Wideley [email protected]
4 Raghda Alshafei 
5 Julia Fowler

Hymn 798
Richard Croft through Heart for Art Glasgow

Hymn A wake-up call
1 (Left) George Heriot’s School;   (Centre) Cargilfield School Yr 6;   (Right) Ruben Archer, Dunedin School
2 (All) James Gillespie’s School
3 Dabuek Baranski, Poloniusz-Edinburgh
4.  (Left) Szkoła Bez Granic;    (Right) Amelia Pelka, Poloniusz-Edinburgh
5 P5a Hermitage Park Primary School
6. (Left) Jamie Clabby;   (Right) Laura Pańkowska, Poloniusz-Edinburgh

Hymn 243
1 Livingston United Church
2 Maisie (9) 
3 Wiktoria Skibinska, Poloniusz-Edinburgh 
4 Julia Fowler

Gathering words and blessing: Adapted from Prayer of approach, Song of the Prophets, Christian Aid.
Opening prayer: adapted from A Prayer for COP26 by Rev David Coleman, Eco Congregations, Scotland.
Scripture Reading from the International Children’s Bible.
Video: Protest Art: A Lament in black paint, by I.D. Campbell, in collaboration with Christian Aid. Used with permission.

Hymns from Church Hymnary 4th Edition except ‘A wake-up call’ A hymn for COP26 by Tom Gordon, Wild Goose Publications.
Hymns used under licence from CCLI 247862
Streaming licence 351013
and ONE LICENSE #A-734408

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