St Andrew’s and St George’s West, 26 June 2022 Joint service with Albany Deaf Church, The freedom of the Spirit

Today’s service is led by Rev Dr Rosie Magee with Dorothy and Alastair MacKenzie, and is BSL signed by Mary McDevitt.

👉Order of Service 26 June 2022 (amended)

Organist/pianist: Jamie Turnbull
The choir of St Andrew’s and St George’s West
Technical team: Alison Bruce, Susan McLarty, Mary Margaret Scott, Phillipa Burgess, Amy Marcham, Ruth Forrester

Opening prayer adapted from Spill the Beans, Issue 43, Spill the Beans Resource Team
Scripture reading(s) taken from The Message
Poem ‘Pentecost’ by Malcolm Guite from: Sounding the Seasons: Seventy sonnets for the Christian year, 2012, Canterbury Press.


STAGW members & friends, pixabay and unsplash except for…

Title image: Come Holy Spirit…by Art4TheGlryOfGod bySharon CC BY-ND 2.0
Hymn ‘Praise with joy’
v1 Hurricane Dorian Seen From Aboard the Space Station  CC BY-NC 2.0
v3&4 Grace Lutheran Church via Flickr CC BY 2.0 (images cropped)
Hymn 265 Dürer praying hands. Public domain via wikimedia commons
Hymn 616  Image 2: Social Bite Village, Granton
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © M J Richardson – (image cropped)

All hymns from Church Hymnary 4th Edition except ‘Praise with Joy’ by John Bell and Graham Maule, from ‘Known Unknowns’ 2018 Wild Goose Resource Group
Hymns used under licence from CCLI 247862
Streaming licence 351013
and ONE LICENSE #A-734408

St Andrew’s & St George’s West Church of Scotland Edinburgh. Charity SC008990



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