Online worship for Remembrance Sunday, 8 November 2020

Sincere apologies that technical issues prevented our livestreaming the service, specially to those who wished to “be there” at this Remembrance Sunday. You can now view a recording of the service above. We are together in spirit!

The service is led by Rosie Magee, minister of St. Andrew’s and St George’s West, Verena Jantzen, pastor of the German-speaking Congregation, and church members Alison Bruce and Jane Brown. It is signed in BSL by Louise Holden.

You can download an order of service at the link below.

👉  Order of service for Remembrance Sunday

A bellringer will be ringing the tenor bell half-muffled before and after the service. The bell will ring normally, or open on one stroke, followed by a muffled ring on the other, an echo as it were, to remember the dead of all conflicts. The bellringers will be Mike Clay and Morven Cross.


Readers: Ellen Campbell, Bill Mitchell
Director of Music: Brigitte Harris
The Choir of St Andrew’s and St George’s West 
Vocal ensemble: Eleanor Cozens, Eleanor Wilson, Caitlin McGillivray, Drew Crichton, Tim Cooper, Andrew Carvel
Pianist: Eleanor Cozens
Bells: Mike Clay, Morven Cross
Technical Team: Alison Bruce, Andrew Carvel, Susan McLarty, Mary Margaret Scott   



Martinmas/Saint Martin’s Day: An alternative liturgy for Remembrance Day, 11th November. Rosemary Power, Wild Goose Publications,  
Prayers for others and ourselves based on prayers by Keith Blackwood and Terry Garley, from Remembrance, PL10429, Wild Goose Publications.
Title photo: Barn Images
Other images: Pexels, Unsplash, STAGW member and public domain
Hymns used under licence from CCLI 247862
Streaming licence 351013

St Andrew’s & St George’s West Church of Scotland Edinburgh Charity SC008990

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